Water Damage Photo Gallery

Supply line in a wet bar in Encino, CA leads to major water damages

A homeowner in Encino, CA called SERVPRO of Crescenta Valley/East Glendale when the supply line in a wet bar area burst affecting the cabinets, drywall and flooring. SERVPRO of Crescenta Valley/East Glendale began by setting up dehumidifiers to stabilize the environment and begin drying the materials. Next, we found the cabinets would not dry and removed the lower materials. SERVPRO of Crescenta Valley/East Glendale removed the wet drywall as well. We applied anti-microbial solution to the affected areas and detail cleaned. The homeowner elected to have her contractor remove the wet flooring and was pleased to begin the repair work for her home. Once again, SERVPRO of Crescenta Valley/East Glendale helped a homeowner get their home back to working order “Like it never even happened.” 

Carpet Delaminiation

When water damage situations are left unaddressed, affected porous materials will rapidly start to deteriorate. This picture shows what will happen when soaked carpet is left unaddressed. At this point, the carpet delaminates, causing it to become unsalvageable because it was not mitigated properly. Don't let this happen to you! Call SERVPRO of Crescenta Valley / East Glendale the next time you experience a water damage and we'll help save as much of your property as possible!

Extraction Wands

Water Extraction is the first step of the Mitigation process for most water damage scenarios. Our commercial extractors are equipped with industrial strength Extraction Wands like the one in this picture. Once SERVPRO is called to the scene, we make water damage "Like it never even happened."

Moisture Meters

We have some of the leading industry standard equipment to help us assess each water damage situation at your home or business. The non-invasive moisture meter (black) helps identify moisture in non porous materials such as plaster or hardwood. The invasive moisture meter (yellow) beeps at the presence of moisture found in materials such as carpet and other porous materials. 

Crawlspace Fun

At SERVPRO Crescenta Valley / East Glendale we address all sorts of water intrusion situations. Although most water damages leak into the home, sometimes a broken pipe in the crawl space can be a greater cause for concern. Our highly-trained technicians know what safety measure to take and how to maneuver in these tricky situations.

Our Air Movers are Ready for Whatever Happens

Industrial strength air movers are needed to quickly remove absorbed moisture from ceiling, walls and floors of your home or business. Proper drying helps to prevent swelling and warping of floors, walls, and furniture. With access to thousands of air movers such like the ones you see in this picture, there is no such thing as a job too big for SERVPRO of Crescenta Valley / East Glendale.

Our Dehumidifiers are here to help make water damage ‘Like it never even happened’

After the bulk of the water has been extracted, SERVPRO of Crescenta Valley / East Glendale uses specialized equipment to target the water that’s harder to access. We use less intrusive, scientific drying methods to draw the remaining water and moisture from the environment. The dehumidifiers such as the ones you see in this picture represent just one of the many ways we utilize advancements in technology to help mitigate and save our customers money.