Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Storms cause mudslides and big messes for a Woodland Hills, CA family

After wildfires, rain can produce mudslides in heavily sloped or hilly areas. Mudslides cause damage to flooring, walls and even the very structure of building. A Woodland Hills, CA family called SERVPRO of Crescenta Valley/East Glendale to assess damage caused by recent storms to their garage and its’ contents. Rains caused mud to spill into their garage and damaged walls, floors and nearby contents. SERVPRO of Crescenta Valley/East Glendale extracted the mud from all floors and walls and dried the affected areas with high powered fans and dehumidifiers. Once dry, the area was carefully and cleaned and disinfected and this family was astounded how this disaster was cleaned up so quickly!  

Storm causes carpet damage in Encino, CA

SERVPRO of Crescenta Valley/East Glendale was hired to address this Storm Damage. We extracted as much water as possible using high powered vacuums. Next, drying fans were put in place to dry the materials to avoid mold-breeding conditions and begin circulating fresh air. SERVPRO of Crescenta Valley/East Glendale used dehumidifiers to dry out the air and ground to avoid the growth of mold and mildew. After drying all materials, the carpet padding was removed and replaced and the carpet was intact saving the homeowners thousands. The carpeting was cleaned and sanitized, along with walls and other areas affected by storm water. Finally, SERVPRO of Crescenta Valley/East Glendale utilized moisture reading equipment to ensure that all levels have returned to normal and the home was returned to its' original condition.  

Storm Water Damage in Los Angeles, CA

Underestimating the length or impact of incoming rain storms, a Los Angeles, CA family experienced unexpected water intrusions on a home under construction that caused massive damages. Coming in through a protective plastic, the intense downpour spread water throughout various areas of the home causing damage to new flooring and appliances. By calling SERVPRO of Crescenta Valley/East Glendale this family was able to save some of its' new investment as our team quickly extracted water and began drying the materials that were salvageable.

Precision Drying Techniques

Each Storm Damage scenario poses unique complexities and challenges. However, we approach each job with an open mindset and ready to apply the industry's best in structural drying techniques to get your house back to preloss conditions as quickly and professionally as possible.

Water Damage Eyesores!

Water staining is a very common form of storm damage. Discoloration of the ceiling's building material will begin to show signs that unwanted moisture is present. Pay attention for these marks because when they do begin to form, those that address it proactively are the ones who prevent further damage from occurring. 

Storm damage is never ideal

Flash flooding can pose serious issues for both home and business owners alike. Not only is storm damage a tragic event, it can disrupt business operations, costing potentially more than the damage itself. Call us when help is needed most and we'll save your home or business from incurring any further damage.

Storm damage can quickly occur following a flash flood

It's usually not until a day or two after a rainstorm, that storm damage is discovered. This pictures shows what can happen when rain water penetrates a rooftop and flows through the recessed lighting of a home. Be sure to monitor all parts of the home during a flash flood to ensure you stay safe and dry. 

Marking walls for Storm Damage removal

When storm water passes through a damaged rooftop, insulation and into the living quarters, we will do everything possible to mitigate further damage. Sometimes however removal is necessary, and we will communicate the area needing removal to both customers we serve and insurance professionals we work with by marking it with tape. This ensures all parties stay on the same page during the drying process.

Our crews are ready to roll!

Rainfall can spell disaster for those who aren't prepared to address such an increased level of water around their property. With emergency crews on call all hours of the day, we sincerely hope you never experience storm damage, but we are here to help in case you do!