Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

SERVPRO of Crescenta Valley/East Glendale is your local mold expert

SERVPRO of Crescenta Valley/East Glendale is your local mold expert! Trained professionals in the clean up of mold, SERVPRO of Crescenta Valley/East Glendale treats and cleans the infected areas and helps your property stay safe and toxin free. Contact your local mold experts today!

Long-term Mold Damage

The water heater closet is one of the most common places in the home to have water damage happen. Unless properly dried out, mold growth can start to form. Make sure you call in the professional the first time to avoid unnecessary secondary damages in the future.

When you see mold, don't wait to deal with it!

Waiting for mold damage to occur can exponentially increase overall job costs. Usually visible mold growth (like the one pictured here) is a results of a long-term water damage scenario where normal maintenance was not kept up.

Personal Protective Equipment

Mold can pose many health concerns, including respiratory issues. That's why we have our technicians use a variety of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to safeguard them during the mold remediation process. This full-face respirator with HEPA filtration is one of many steps we take to ensure safety is of top priority!

Moldy subfloors can be such a headache!

Often times when we have to remove affected floors due to water damages, we find scenarios like this that show pre-existing damage that wasn't properly assessed. What started out as a simple water damage restoration job quickly turns into a much needed mold remediation job. Be sure to quickly mitigate any water damage situation by calling us today!

Our Air Scrubbers filter unwanted odors

Nobody enjoys an unpleasant smell, especially when it's due to a sewage backup or fire damage. Our air scrubbers not only address these concerns, but they also fight against the spread of mold spores during the remediation process. Using special High Efficiency Particulate Air Filtration (HEPA) filters, our air scrubbers prevent further damage and cause for concern.

Unwanted Mold can cause issues at your home

Mold loves to grow on organic surfaces where water can be found. In this case, mold had been feasting for quite some time underneath this parquet flooring. Sometimes it’s the water you do not see that causes the most damage.